AR & VR Solutions

AR & VR Solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) development services focus on the implementation of software that allows users interact with simulated environments. Sutraa Techno delivers competitive VR software with high and fast user adoption.

When creating VR content, we apply immersion-improving elements such as:

  • Highly realistic visuals.

  • Kinesthetic attributes.

  • Engaging animations.

Our large and experienced team of VR engineers delivers smooth VR experiences by:

  • Making use of motion/eye tracking and computer vision technologies.

  • Introducing intuitive interactivity and realistic sound acoustics.

  • Optimizing back ends for high-load VR processes.

A few of the implementations of our work in VR includes:

A virtual store

Stylish showrooms featuring selected items (e.g., from a new collection) to shop remotely in the VR environment.

Product-specific VR experience

Remote or at a physical store – for example, furnishing a virtual room with a brand’s products or checking how the appliances work in a virtual home.

Virtual house tour

Recorded or guided in real-time – potential buyers explore property replicated in VR (existing property or architectural rendering).

Virtual product presentation

A presenter uses VR to show B2B leads how a particular product works and what benefits it brings, either remotely or at trade shows.

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