Blockchain development services create decentralized blockchain networks which allow establishment of new business models and increase traceability of data and transactions.

Sutraa Techno offers end-to-end blockchain software and application development, from smart contracts to dApps and DAOs.

Some of the blockchain solutions we deliver include:

Smart contracts

Protocols that guarantee the integrity of multi-party agreements and automatically enforce fixed obligations.

Blockchain wallets

Digital wallets for storing and manipulating cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)

Decentralized apps (dApps)

Encrypted peer-to-peer apps with no single point of failure and zero downtime.

Decentralized Organizations (DOs and DAOs)

Decision-making platforms that power highly productive and low-stress communities with no central authority.

Private blockchains

Secure and scalable permission-based ecosystems with minimized downtime.

Blockchain Use Cases We Support

Supply chain management

Facilitated supply chain cycle with faster supplier contract management, transparent provenance tracking and asset condition monitoring, asset protection, and more.

Asset management

Unchangeable asset records and asset tokenization, helping to provide secure warranties and prevent counterfeiting.

Cross-border payments and settlements

Secure and fast energy settlements and cross-carrier payments with no middleman-services like PayPal or Stripe.

Document management

Guaranteed accuracy, regulatory compliance, automated time stamping and easy records reconciliation in records management.

Claims management

More secure and faster insurance claims processing and filing with reduced manual work, allowing to cut process costs.


Reduced fraud, minimized delays, and zero lost agreement opportunities in trade finance and commodity trading due to the use of smart contracts.

Identity management

Irrevocable credential data and zero-knowledge proof encryption scheme to prevent unauthorized access.

Customer experience management

Automated loyalty program and reward points management, streamlined and facilitated customer onboarding.

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